Deilbh is Scottish Gaelic for images, forms, arrangements, photographs.

The site is archived back to May 2003 and is arranged linearly. ← moves backward in time and → moves forward. The dates give the day on which the photograph was taken. You might be able to use the left and right arrow keys to navigate. Also, h takes you home, a takes you to the about page, l takes you to links and m takes you to the archives for more pictures.

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selected starting points

Japan April-May 2007
Vancouver - New Years 2007
Grasslands National Park SK - May 2006
South Western SK road trip - June 2005
Montréal - May 2005
Vancouver - October 2004
Prince Edward Island - May 2004
Ottawa - June 2003



photo friday

::2006-12-29::best of 2006::






::2005-12-30::best of 2005::





















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